Spirit and Water

Spirit and Water

May 10, 2023 Uncategorized 0

Some years ago at the Institute of Statics and Dynamics of Aerospace Structures, a German research institution in Stuttgart. A professor conducted an experiment where he took four students and gave them eyedroppers and had them each fill them from the same glass of water. Then each student made four drops in a row on separate slides. When placed under a microscope they found something strange, Each students drops of water were relatively the same, but each students drops were different from the other students. This means that even when the water came from the same glass, each students energy cause each set of droplets to be changed. This was showing us that in a way, water could retain the power or essence of a human being. That may mean that water has memory and can somehow bond with another life.

I’m not saying that scientifically this proves anything beyond a shadow of a doubt, but water is one of the biggest mysteries there is. If you think about it, water can sustain life, carve the land into continents, it can cause devastation, or it can offer comfort. To me, It is a consciousness beyond what we know.

Paranormal groups sometimes seem to get excited when there is a storm during investigations. Granted its a good and bad thing. The rain can sometimes contaminate evidence with its forceful hits against the side of a house. But most of us know that for some reason the activity of spirits tends to be higher normal. This also goes for any location that has a body of water near it. or if there may be a hidden stream under a property.

The reason for me is quite apparent. And I offer you this theory. Going back to the beginning of this story, it was said that water could take on the energy of a person. Water brings life, whether from this world or maybe the other side. We are attracted to water because it has a life force, What better way for a spirit to get through all the levels they need to get through, buy using the waters life force. All the creatures of the sea use the water for echolocation. A sound can travel miles and miles, Some can smell through the water, and others feel the electrical impulses of the other creatures of the sea. It makes perfect sense that energy from the other side would want to use what is here to make it easier to communicate. I’m not saying that I have absolute proof. But what I can tell you is when there is a body of water or rain near buy. I sense, hear, and see more than usual. If you get the chance to investigate near the water or if you are lucky enough to have light rain or a storm during an investigation, rest assured the spirits will be there. Water could be a gateway between here and the other side.

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