Animal Haunts

Animal Haunts

June 10, 2023 Uncategorized 0

Some people have asked me throughout the years if an animal can haunt a house. My answer is always contingent on what they mean by haunted. If by haunted you mean that they are somehow stuck, confined, or don’t realize they have passed, then in my experience, no.

The journey of the soul of an animal is a bit different than a human. Animal souls seem to know precisely where they going and how to get there when their earthly life is over. Animals stay quite connected to the other side during there physical existence. They can see and hear things that we don’t.

Much like human souls though, they can have a strong emotional bond to a particular place or person that they spent a lot of time with thus visiting and wanting attention from whomever maybe visiting the domain they once called there own. In some instances, the animal can also come back to help collect a soul who hasn’t completely crossed over for whatever reason. They do this out of unconditional love and if it’s agreed upon that it will be of assistance to the soul in question. It is entirely comprehensible that you may then encounter a ghost animal in a particular location, or you may encounter an animal that simply loves the memory of an area or situation.

Not all ghost animals are intelligent haunting s, they also can be residual haunts as well. There may have been a particularly strong emotion that an animal had or situation that happened that was emotionally strong enough to imprint an energy signature that may be picked up by cameras or EVP sessions.

All and all, communicating with an animal in spirit does take a bit of practice as animals tend to talk through our senses. Pay attention to the smells and the thoughts and feelings you experience. You may just have an animal from the past, wanting to say “hello.”

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