To Reginold from the Angels

To Reginold from the Angels

June 23, 2023 Uncategorized 0

So the journey you thought you have planned is not arriving at the destination you were seeking. It is hard to get to a destination that you cannot see. There are reasons for your life playing out it as it is and as it will in the future. You have done what you have wished t do, but you have more than you want to accomplish and now that the first part is coming to endings, the new cycle of your life is beginning. But, we cannot tell you what you should do but do not feel you are at a standstill. It is merely a time where you had chosen yourself before you came here to stop and remember your exact reasons for coming here. If you look back on what has happened to you in the past, do not think of them as disruption or anything of a negative nature. All have happened to prepare yourself for something more meaning full. Your Accidents were lessons. Not lessons to punish, but for learning. You have built up knowledge from what you have been through. It was and is not your time for your life to end here, Think about what you have been through, think about how this knowledge you have gained can help you be of service to others. To give yourself for others is very difficult, but it is what you were made for.

Pass along your experiences, let others know that there should be no fear of death, and there should be no fear in life. If you continue to listen to the call and follow your heart and your inner guidance, We can help you to get to where your soul would like to be. We are here for you at any time you call. We cannot interfere unless you give permission. Tell us you are ready to be guided, and we will guide you. Everything ever done has to lead you to this moment, and every moment from now on will take you to where you need to be. We are always with you as we reside within your self, your heart, your mind. Know us as we know you, and you will feel us there. To answer the call, all one has to do is simply give us permission to assist and trust. We love you and await your call. Begin the new cycle if you wish as it is your choice.

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