To Eva from the Angels

To Eva from the Angels

June 19, 2023 Uncategorized 0

Hello Eva, the following is what I have channeled from the angelic realm. Please keep in mind I am under a moral contract with this realm not to look into another without permission. Although I will provide you with my conversation. This is unedited. I hope this helps you.

To the one who asks of how she is perceived, remember that there are different views of perception. In this human form, there are three ways to see. First is to see your emotion, it is when one looks upon the energetic print of all feelings. Depending on what the onlooker is hard-wired for they may see sadness more than happiness, they may see bravery more than cowardliness, they may see excitement or lack of. You are asking what one would see in you, and we must say they see more joy than not and more insecurity than what there really is. We say stay strong in who you are, and they will see this more clear. Second is the way they see the physicality, the illusion of self, Once again, this depends on there wiring.

You are comfortable to a degree with yourself, but we ask, why would you not feel and portray the beauty that you are. All are of the image of the divine, and you are of that image. Once you see this, the rest will see this. Although there are many, who see you more beautiful than you may believe you are. In the eyes of the universe, your form is perfect, and you will one day realize this as the others already have. The third is the perception of the soul. Every soul that ever is that ever was and ever will be recognized by each other is seeing you at this time in a way that they cannot even imagine. Your soul reaches out to those you have chosen to take part with and theirs with yours, when two souls are in agreement, they cannot be severed. They will have an everlasting bond What we ask of you, is to look at these three ways of perception at the one in question. How you fell about that soul is most likely how they perceive you. You will know by seeing them in these ways what your next move will be. For even though we have given you this lesson, we feel that you are already aware. Blessings and love and know that we reside within you and are always willing to be at your service upon the asking. Love to you and all around you.

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