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60 minute, 45 minute, and 30 minute intuitive mediumship readings via live video or phone.


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Solely for asking psychic questions to obtain clarity about the path you are on and for spiritual questions.


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Channeled psychic readings and angel messages delivered via email.



You are here for a reason
When we are born, we forget who we are. The goal is to remember and to learn as you go. Buy the time you have reached the end, rolled the dice for the last time, you will have become an expert in this intriguing game we call life. We have assistance in this game if we so choose to use it. Teachers if you will. They guide us and protect us, and they are always waiting to assist. All you need to do is listen. Just observe the silence and they will whisper to you, as they whisper to me. —David Hanzel

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Meet David Hanzel Intuitive Medium

David Hanzel has been able to sense, see, and hear spirit from a very young age. After a Near Death Experience (NDE) as an adult, he decided to spend his life in service to Spirit, giving them a voice to tell their stories and deliver the messages to their loved ones. With this dedication, he has been able to help others to understand and validate that there is a life after death and how to proceed on their life’s journey with the help of Angels, Spirit guides, and there loved ones who have crossed over.

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What My Clients Say

I have had readings with many mediums and it is rare that I have the sincere pleasure of encountering someone of David’s caliber and talent. David is an old soul with the sensitivity to be a great therapist, an engaging sense of humor and a heart of gold. He is deeply connected to the spirit world and the messages which come through in his readings leave you with no doubt that his connection is 100% authentic. I feel grateful to have had this amazing experience and would strongly recommended you give yourself the gift of a reading with David.

Meredith S.

David is such a wonderful person. When I interact with him or just listen to him talk, it makes my heart happy. He’s spot on. He doesn’t talk in circles. He’s so right to the point, but not rushed either. He has this warm and welcoming presence about him. I appreciate his insight and messages that he brought forth for me. He makes me laugh. Its so therapeutic on so many levels. I’m so glad that he is indulging us in his services. I will most definitely work with him in the future. He feels like a friend and not a stranger. Bless you David and Thank you Again for all you do!

Shana H.

Yesterday i had yet another reading with David…It was fun , lots of laughter and some seriousness also..Of course the validations came pouring in..But what i loved about David is his humbled and compassionate nature…I shared a few experiences that i have been going thru and David was just as amazed as I am….which shows you his true personality…He treats every one equally…That truely touched my heart..I would gladly recommend David over and over again…no doubt about this one…Bless you always my friend.


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